Life Continues

I have not posted in a long time, I have been away for a while meditating and thinking. You would be amazed at the things that will happen when you can just sit and think–solutions to problems, ideas, stress release, better sleep, and peace of mind. I have taken the time to be with myself and learn who I am and who I want to become. Back on My New Years Resolution post when I disclosed the changes in my life that I wanted to make I had no idea of the magnitude that these changes would have on my life.

I found out that I am fine with who I have become over the past decade after recovering from my depression and anxiety. After my bout with depression, I felt nothing. I was lost so I tried to find myself. However, the more I tried the more it seemed I would never find anything. Nothing excited me nothing motivated me. I was just here…a zombie. Every day was a struggle just to get out of bed. The things I enjoyed doing brought no more joy. All of that is behind me now. Although I still have episodes of anxiety from time to time, I am okay with that. I deal with it.

I have also realized it is okay to be alone. Everyone needs alone time but it is when I can say to myself, “I am happy with myself” that I find peace of mind. Meditation has taught me that being alone is okay. I do not need to have someone around me all the time. Good things can come from being alone:

  1. Recharging myself.
  2. Reflection time.
  3. Getting in touch with my own emotions.
  4. Start doing things that I actually enjoy.
  5. Be more productive.
  6. Relationships flourish more.
  7. Feel more independent.
  8. Get a break from making others happy all the time.
  9. Stop looking for validation from others, be myself.

Along with all this, I am working on other writing projects; take a look at the list here if you like, My Projects, which has been keeping me busy.

In conclusion, I have learned a lot about myself especially after the death of my brother. He was only a few years older than me and I have committed to living my life with joy and happiness; living life and having fun.

So be happy, live life, and have fun!

4 thoughts on “Life Continues

  1. David Kanigan

    Inspiring. Welcome back.

    1. Frank

      Thank you.

  2. TamrahJo

    By about month 4 after my son died, I was afraid I would be ‘numb’ forever – I wanted so badly to find something, ANYTHING! to get excited and involved in – I was sure if I could, time would heal while I distracted myself by engaging – and yet, nothing seemed that damn important – nothing – even though I helped with several volunteer projects for a slew of worthy causes, locally, I had to force myself to do them…. I, too, have been away from the ‘community’ for awhile, so not sure when your brother passed, but if it was during this time you speak of – sounds to me like you did exactly what you needed to while you grieved and adjusted – -:) Best wishes for a continuing journey that has been blessed by the gifts bestowed by Struggle and Sorrow – 🙂

    1. Frank

      Sorry to hear about your son. Yes, in times of struggle and sorrow you try to find something to keep you balanced and I am glad that I found meditation. It has helped a bunch.

      Thanks for your comments.

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