Purpose of Life

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What is the purpose of life? The purpose is different for every one of us. Since I saw the movie, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, it left me pondering the purpose of life.

To see the world,

Things dangerous to come to,

To see behind walls, to draw closer,

To find each other and to feel.

That is the Purpose of LIFE.

“To see the world” is self-explanatory, travel. Not only just to see but to experience the culture, the people, the food, and the traditions. I have done this and still do.

“Things dangerous to come to” at first I had difficulty coming up with the meaning. It is going through with something even if it is difficult or dangerous: the obstacles we face in life. These things will make you stronger.

“To see behind walls” is being curious like we were as a child: be inquisitive.

“To draw closer” is being close to family and friends. Spend time with, communicate and share feelings.

“To find each other and to feel” is always looking for new relationships, helping one another and to let your emotions flow.

What is your purpose in life? Feel free to add your own interpretation and your purpose of life in the comments.

Live Life with Peace, Love, and Happiness!!!

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  1. bradurias

    “To see the world” – To really open your eyes and look at the world, the people, etc. Yes, “Not only just to see but to experience the culture, the people, the food, and the traditions.”

    “Things dangerous to come to” – Experiencing new things in which you might be uncomfortable. Potentially clashing with some other culture in mannerisms. But to learn then how things are done differently – as you are seeing the world with new eyes.

    “To see behind walls” – To see behind the façade of news stations telling you that certain places are bad or dangerous. To realize that people around the world are all striving for the same things.

    “To draw closer” – To uncover the truth. To bond with people whom you may not otherwise have thought you’d be comfortable with. To understand, appreciate, and accept other cultures – even in your own life.

    “To find each other and to feel” – To see eye to eye with other people, despite differences. To have compassion and empathy for their situations. To make all people a part of your love and caring.

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