Imagine a world with Peace and Harmony. The words in John Lennon’s song Imagine have a profound meaning if you just listen. I saw the following on another website and just had to share it. Let’s all be a dreamer and strive for Peace throughout the world.

Peace, love, and happiness to us all!




13 thoughts on “Imagine…

  1. JF

    It can happen only with God’s help!

  2. thehappyhugger

    I love this very much Frank… just imagine how wonderful it would be.

  3. Alex Jones

    Peace is a delusion, but harmony is a potential reality. If there was ever peace in nature, on the oceans, the atmosphere, the land, nothing would move, grow or exist. Through war the air moves and thus renews, through conflict of the forces of nature rain falls upon the ground and moves from land to land. Peace is death of all living things.

    Harmony is the way forward, working with the conflicting faces of nature. On stormy seas the wise captain navigates his ship.

    Lennon was a dreamer, but if his dream came true, it would become a living nightmare.

    1. Frank

      Is not Peace the state of mutual harmony? If you say Peace is a delusion then harmony is also a delusion. Alex, I read parts of your blog and your about statement and I get what you are saying with nature, the universe, and with being one with self then in turn with the universe.

      I believe you’re correct to a point. In nature it is necessary for it to carry forward as you say. However, it is not that cut and dry when it comes to mankind. What does war in mankind bring about? The living nightmare is war.

      Harmony is not being at war in a community of people. When man decides to go to war we are trying to impose our will onto others. To achieve this harmony or peace between people we need to learn to lay down our hatred for one another and stop the unnecessary killing in senseless wars. One culture of people is not better than another, we are all created equal.

      1. Alex Jones

        You are right that war is terrible and that it is a form of control when used by one people against another.

        Your heart is working because of a constant war between opposites, opposing muscles and electro-chemical reactions. If ever all sides in your heart were in a balanced peaceful state, you would die. The paradox is that in working against each other, the opposing forces in your heart create a third reality, harmony.

        My rejection of peace, saying it is a delusion, is one of the points people find hard to agree with.

        Humanity needs a certain level of suffering in order to grow, or as Heraclitus would say, to become. For instance, becoming fit often means placing muscles under stress.

        There is another form of suffering which comes from humanity working against nature, which includes all attempts at control.

        In nature everything is good, but humanity will subjectively say one thing is good and another is bad.

        1. Frank

          A heart is more like a well-oiled machine in that it is doing what it is supposed to be doing to function normally and keep it in a harmonious state. Therefore, in my mind the heart is in a peaceful state. It is when there is a disturbance in some muscle or electrical pulse, as you put it, not opposing other muscles.

          Yes, I agree there is an extent of suffering that is needed in order to grow.

          You are right about finding it hard to agree with your rejection of peace. That is one point we will have to agree to disagree. You have made me think of it in a different way. I don’t always accept others beliefs. However, I always do my own research and reflection to come to a conclusion. It may not coincide with everyone else but it is the process to get to the conclusion that is beneficial.

          1. Alex Jones

            I plan a blog post on the peace/harmony idea. Thanks for offering food for thought.

          2. Frank

            I look forward to reading it. Thanks for all the thought provoking comments.

  4. ivonprefontaine

    Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    This is an interesting way to present John Lennon’s song Imagine. Both the presentation and the song resonate with what we need in the world today.

    1. Frank

      Thanks for the reblog, ivonprefontaine.
      Peace be with you!

      1. ivonprefontaine

        You are welcome Frank. Peace back at you.

  5. Anubrat Dadhwal

    I’m sure our dream will come true one day. Whole world will live as brothers & sisters with love, peace & harmony to share.

    1. Frank

      Amen to that.

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