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The Calling

Hello everyone. I have been away for a while to catch up on some other projects: writing, yard work, and of course a major project at work. I am posting another one of my poems from a long time ago. I hope you enjoy.

Driving alone
A long deserted road.
Staring at the lights
A town in the distance.
A strangeness passes over me.
Feelings I know not what.
I feel this town calling,
Pulling me.
What about this town
Attracts me so.
The name,
The surroundings,
The memories.
Nothing is left here for me
But I still here the calling.
It is trying to tell me something.
Unconsciously I am looking,
For a piece of me.
An origin, a place to start.
Searching endlessly
For that one missing piece.
I long to find what captivates me so.
So my mind can be at rest.
What could it possibly be?
I am venturing through this whole town
Wondering who or what wants me here.Me at 9 years old
I have to find the calling
Before it passes me by.
Then it would be too late.
Clutching to the feeling
So it will not pass.
When I think I have it
Or know what it is
It fades away.
Will it return,
Or not at all.
Hoping and praying it would.
When it did not return
I realized it wasn’t the town I longed for…

It was my boyhood.

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