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This poem goes way back, back to my high school days. Those days were very trying times for me. Looking back I felt so lost and alone then.

All alone in a world among billions.
No one to turn to.
No one to talk to.
No one to be with.
No one to share life.

Like a wall enclosing around me,
Struggling, climbing to overcome.
It seems to go on forever.
There’s no way out.

Bricks like thoughts in my mind.
Each different from the other.
The more I think,
The more there are.

In my own little world.
Not knowing which way to turn.

Alone…I am alone…

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10 thoughts on “ALONE

  1. Indira

    It touched me. I hope you are happy now. I still feel very lonely sometimes. Peace .

    1. Frank

      I am generally happy now. There are still times I feel lonely though. Peace to you too.

  2. meticulousmick

    I feel the pain

    1. Frank

      Yeah, after reading this poem again after so many years it reminded me of the pain I was in back then. That’s all in the past though. Thanks for reading. Peace be with you.

      1. meticulousmick

        👍 And with you Frank 🙏🍀

  3. risinghawk

    Another excellent bit of poetry – powerful and poignant. Peace . . .

    1. Frank

      Thank you and Peace to you, too.

  4. thoughtsalone

    That is a very familiar feeling that I still get sometimes. Not to get too Freudian, but maybe it’s born in us. Either separation from our mothers, or innate knowledge that we are all really one and this world presents the illusion of separateness. Whatever the root of the feeling is, good poem!

    1. Frank

      Interesting comment. Thank you for reading.

      1. thoughtsalone

        Sorry, I was feeling verbose. Point is, I think a lot of us (at least me) still feel that way even in middle age sometimes. Good post.

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