Love is all you needHas it been a year already? Where does the time go? One year ago, I started on a journey. The blogging journey. I did not know where it was going to take me, but I ventured on anyway. In this time, I have shared my thoughts, my writing, and my life. And in return I have received the pleasure in knowing all of you.

I have grown in ways I could not have foreseen. I can truly say that I have changed for the better because of this journey.

In closing, I just wanted to show my appreciation to all my followers and readers. My journey continues. Thank you. Peace, love, and happiness to you all.

6 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Theresa

    Congratulations, Frank, on a job well done. I just had my own year blogiversary.

  2. Hari Qhuang

    Bliss’d Be! 😀
    Svatthi Hottu

    1. Frank

      Thanks, Hari. If you don’t mind me asking what does “Svatthi Hottu” mean? I tried translation software but it could not translate it.

      1. Hari Qhuang

        Hi Frank,

        suvatthi (Pali) / suvasthi (Sanskrit) means “well-being, prosperous, safe and fully contended”.
        In Indonesian language we conclude it in a word “sejahtera”.

        Hottu means “may it be/ may it happen”

  3. risinghawk

    Congratulations – and peace back to you!

    1. Frank

      Thank you, risinghawk!

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