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Here is another one my writings from way back when. I have not posted in a couple of weeks I have been busy writing some stuff for my novel and other short stories. I hope you enjoy this one. Peace, love, and happiness be with you all!

Across the fields of green
A wondrous scene.
One thing on his mind
To the rest he is blind.
Thoughts of a woman he has deep love
And glances up to the man above.
He looks in the sky with fear
And asks, “What am I doing here?”
Times they’ve spent together
In the toughest of weather.
Tender moments they’ve shared
Showed they truly cared.
What is happening at this moment
When he is absent.
She’s walking down the aisle
With a lot of style
In a beautiful white dress
Looking like a beautiful princess.

He must hurry
So he won’t have to worry.
If he is too late
He will be without his mate.
Their destiny will be ruined forever
He couldn’t let this be, he had to be clever.
In the early morning dew
Just as she was ready to say “I DO”.
Over the horizon gallops a white stallion
At the speed of light to the reunion.
On its back is her lover
She will later discover.
He reaches the tender touch of her hand
Everything falls as planned.
His touch sends spasms of joy throughout her body
Something nobody did foresee.
Whisked away, they rode off on horseback
Never to turn back.
All is well and all is sweet
Their destiny is complete.

Copyright © 1990 – 2014 Franklin W. Reece – All rights reserved

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