Thank you, MeticulousMick! The Versatile Blogger Award

MeticulousMick has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you, Mick.  Check out his blog for wonderful pictures, cultural facts, and he probably knows a lot about Ireland.  Which is where my next vacation is going to be, I just don’t know when.  Maybe Mick can give me a few pointers of places to visit.


Now a little bit about me:

  1. Considering from my last post where I said I don’t like to talk about myself, I sure am talking a lot lately.
  2. I like a good wine, good beer, and good food.  As for the beer it has to be either micro brewed or foreign.  I don’t much care for the Bud, Miller, Michelob, or any of those kinds.
  3. I love to travel to experience the culture, the food, the people, and the beautiful lands.  This world is so beautiful I want to see it all.
  4. I am an insomniac.  So when I cannot sleep I get up and write.  But then I can’t stop so I end up staying up all night until it is time to go to work.
  5. I am a computer geek.  I have 4 computers at home, one of those is for work.  I like to have the most powerful computer I can get my hands on.
  6. I was shy when I was a child, but the Marine Corps changed that in me.
  7. I learned how to ski when I was in Japan.  I was on the beginners slope for all of about 5 minutes.  I snuck out of that class and went to the tallest slope and just went for it.  What a rush that was.  I was surprised I didn’t have any broken bones after that day.

Okay, that is enough about me.  A big Thank You once again, Mick.


11 thoughts on “Thank you, MeticulousMick! The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Theresa

    Congratulations, Frank, on all of your well-deserved awards. It’s good to have you back and I hope you are as well as can be expected.

    1. Frank

      Thank you!!!

  2. thehappyhugger

    Congrats Frank and thanks for sharing a little about yourself. I love your no rules award on the sidebar! I must put something like that up too.

    1. Frank

      Thanks. You can use my no rules award if you like. Take care.

      1. thehappyhugger

        Thanks Frank 🙂

  3. aR Vhee

    Congratulations frank.
    #4 =) I am an insomiac too

    1. Frank

      Thank you. Yeah, I have been an insomniac ever since I was 14 years old. At some points in my life I would go a couple weeks at a time with only a couple hours sleep a night or none at all. It can be real difficult at times especially when I have to work. I am trying different things now to get it under control. I’ve tried all the drugs and over the counter meds with no success. Meditiation works well so far. Thanks for the comment and take care.

  4. Professor VJ Duke

    Congrats on the award. And great to learn a little about you!

    1. Frank

      Thank you!!!

      1. Professor VJ Duke

        The professor is thinking about getting a windows computer that is small (skinny preferably) and relatively inexpensive. Could you suggest something? Thanks!

        1. Frank

          Hey Professor, I’d be glad to suggest something but I would need a little more information, like what it will be used for. I could suggest the most powerful PC out there but if you are just using it for basic processing it would be a waste of a machine. Plus, it would be more expensive. For example: Multimedia, digital entertainment, mainstream, business computing, gaming, basic processing (Writing, spreadsheets, etc.), and price range. Some may just go into a store and buy a PC that is meant for basic computing and try to play games on it. Then they are frustrated because of it. Well they bought the wrong PC to be used for gaming. You can send me an email if you like at

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