Thank You Ajaytao!!!

First of all let me address all the kind words and the condolences for the passing of my Mother.  It helps a lot when there is people that can be supportive in times of need.  Whether it be personal friends, Facebook friends, or blogger friends.  I love you all.

As all of my blog friends/followers know from my last post, I have been going through a rough month and I am in the process of getting back to somewhat of a normal life.  However, after a loss do you ever really get back to normal.  It does take time.

Part of my process to try to get back to normal is getting back to my writing and blogging.  In looking through some comments from all of you I have noticed I have overlooked nominations for awards by my fellow bloggers.

In the month of August, Ajaytao nominated me for a total of eleven awards and I would like to acknowledge them now and say thank you, Ajaytao


2 Nominations from Ajaytao


2 Nominations from Ajaytao


2 Nominations from Ajaytao


Nomination from Ajaytao


Nomination from Ajaytao


Nomination from Ajaytao


Nomination from Ajaytao


Nomination from Ajaytao

A big Thank you.  I appreciate it.

5 thoughts on “Thank You Ajaytao!!!

  1. Ajaytao2010

    thank you very much dear Frank

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  4. Professor VJ Duke

    Standing with you, Frank.

  5. risinghawk

    Congratulations! And may your peace increase with each passing day. Namaste . . .

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