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My Pack: Part 3


                     Georgie                     Cinnamon

Now I move on to the cats of my pack.  Georgie and Cinnamon were two in the same litter with several others.  These two were the only ones found when we searched for the rest of them.  All the others were a mystery as to what happened to them.  I guess all of them fended for themselves for some time; maybe a week or so at a time could be longer.  I hoped the others found a good home where ever they may be now.  They were about 6 months old when I brought them home.  They had survived on their own and were in good health, lucky for them.

I was hesitant to bring them into my house because I had the two dogs already and wondered if they would get along.  For the first couple of days, I crated the cats just to get the dogs used to their scent.  One day I came home and let them out and there was sniffing and getting to know each other but they seemed to get along just fine.  Xena would try to play with them but that didn’t work out too well.  When she went to paw at the cats, they hissed and smacked at the dogs.  They got the message and went away.

After a while, they got to the point that they tolerated one another and everything is fine.  The cats will now head-butt the dogs and lay next to them.  I think Cinnamon was a model in a past life because she always will strike a pose and think she is so cute, which she usually is.  Georgie and Cinnamon love their treats.  They love to chase their toys all over the place and every time I clean I find ten to twenty of their toys under all the furniture. I have to make sure I keep pens and anything of importance out of their reach or I will never find it.  Both of them like to sit in my lap while I am writing on the computer, just as Cinnamon is doing now.

But wait, more to come tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “My Pack: Part 3

  1. Lada Ray

    Your pack is the cutest!

  2. thesanctuaryofmyheart

    Love them!!!! Georgie is just too cute!!

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