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My Pack: Part 2



Next in my pack is Charlie.  He is a Labrador Retriever.  He does not like to have his picture taken so when I get a picture of him it is usually by accident.

He had a rough beginning.  My friend found him on her porch one morning.  He was sluggish and it looked like a car had hit him.  He was limping and he had cuts on his lips.  He looked very sad.  When taken to the vet, they did some tests and found that he had heartworm.  The next eight weeks were tough for him and me.

The vet treated Charlie for his heartworm and he instructed to keep him calm at all times for the next eight weeks.  If anyone has dogs know that it is almost impossible to keep them calm at all times.  I crated him for this period.  Every day I saw him in the crate and my heart dropped.  I could not imagine what pain he was feeling.  All I could do is care for him.  I opened the crate door just to sit there and pet him for a while.  I knew in the end that he would be better.

After a long eight weeks, Charlie went back to the vet and said everything was good.  He no longer needed to keep calm.  I was happy and I knew Charlie would be too.  When I got home, Charlie started to go in his crate but I stopped him.  He looked on as I deconstructed his crate and put it in the garage.  I saw a smile and his ears perked up when I did that.  I told him no more crate.  It seemed like he understood.

He has changed so much since I first brought him into my home.  He is happier than I have seen him before.  He still has his issues like when it is thunder and lightning outside he crawls under my legs and lays there.  He’s a lovable overgrown baby.  His favorite food is his dog biscuits.  He does his twirling dance for them.

But wait there’s more tomorrow…

9 thoughts on “My Pack: Part 2

  1. Theresa

    Our black lab was gentle, smart, affectionate, and she loved to balance dog biscuits on her nose. She was a wonderful addition to our family for about 13 years. Love the breed…

    1. Frank

      Yes, they are an affectionate breed. Charlie loves his peanut butter, I just have to open the jar and he starts licking his chops. He also talks to me. If I don’t get him his biscuit on time he will let me know it.

  2. smilecalm

    Being in a dogless period myself, I’m happy to see yours looking well and enjoying life!

    1. Frank


  3. risinghawk

    Awesome! Our little dogs do a happy dance for . . . wait for it . . . sugar snap peas! Crazy . . .

    1. Frank

      Sugar snap peas…that’s an odd snack. How did you find out they liked that? Charlie also likes peanut butter. I just have to open the jar and he starts licking his chops.

      1. risinghawk

        Haha! My wife was making a fresh salad one day, and the dogs were hovering around like they always do when food is being prepared, and she tossed them a piece of a snap pea on a whim. They loved it! Hilarious, really. From that day on they turn excited circles if she just mentions “snap pea.”

  4. renxkyoko

    Our Labrador was the gentlest dog ever. He’s dead now, but the thought of him can still make me cry. can you imagine having a dog resting his head on one’s lap, and just staying there calmly.

    1. Frank

      Yeah Charlie is a gentle and calm too. When he was going through his treatments I would sit by his crate and just pet him under his chin. He likes that.

      Sorry for the passing of your dog. Take care.

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