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GOD…Do you believe? Part 3: My Search for Enlightenment Continues

One thing I hear people say is, “God helps those who help themselves.”  That got me thinking.  If that is so then why do they need a God to help with their problems?  You are helping yourself, which sounds like your GOD is not helping you at all.  Therefore, you are looking within yourself for the answers.  Correct me if I am wrong but that sounds more like the teachings of Buddha.

While having a conversation with friends the topic of religion comes up and one person said that the younger generation is fading away from religion and becoming atheists.  I would not go that far.  All though even atheists have beliefs and morals.  I don’t think they have gone totally away from religion.  I think they are becoming closer to the spiritual side of themselves and with that process; they transform into other beliefs.

clip_image001After my research and many years of searching, I have finally figured it out.  I am not a religious man.  Religion seems to be more of a business and a corrupt structure.  I am a spiritual man.  That does not mean I am a heathen without any faith or beliefs.  Faith does not necessarily have to mean religious beliefs.  I do have beliefs and I do not have to belong to a certain religion to practice my beliefs.  I have faith but not in religion.  My faith is in the human spirit.  My belief is in something that is tangible not a mythical God.  I believe in the human species.  However, I do believe Jesus Christ died for our sins.  That is a given if you believe the story of Jesus Christ.

In Buddhism the Buddha is not some perfect, ideal being, but is rather an ordinary person living in rhythm with the law of the universe, taking wise, courageous, and compassionate action for the benefit of others, through the functioning of the nine worlds in daily life.

The basis for all religions is the same…The Golden Rule.  That principle and more than sixty others are common to all religions.  The main difference is the teacher and how they express these principles.

I have to say that I relate to the teachings of Buddha.  The original intention of Buddhism is to alleviate suffering (and conflict).  I base my life on doing the right thing, good morals, a high standard of ethics, respecting my elders, being kind to other living creatures, having compassion, courage, vitality, keeping an open mind, striving to achieve wisdom, and listening to what people have to say.  Everyone has a voice.  I do not suppress others’ words.  I want to hear them and maybe there will be wisdom in what they say.

The best analogy I have heard for life’s journey is the following paragraph that I read on a fellow blogger’s post (I hope he does not mind if I use it here.)

Your life is a stream of experiences.  The stream of experiences that we call life is akin to an ocean wave.  In order to move toward wisdom, you must position yourself on the very crest of that wave and ride it.  If nothing else, one can see a lot farther from the crest than the trough.  If you fall behind the crest—living in the past—you will be confused and left behind.  And if you move ahead of the crest—attempting to guess the future—you risk being overcome, pounded and sucked under – again confused and left behind.  Stay present with the current experience.  Ride the crest and stay on top.  That is the place where freedom and wisdom proliferate.  (Thank you Rising Hawk)

Ever since I started my journey to enlightenment, I have acquired more peace and relaxation in my life.  I have never felt more at peace than right now.  I smile a lot more and am in a happy state of mind.

Another good thing that has come from all my research is that I have more respect for all religions and the people that worship them.  That does not mean I agree with them I just respect them.

25 thoughts on “GOD…Do you believe? Part 3: My Search for Enlightenment Continues

  1. Lada Ray

    Excellent quote and beautiful post!
    God bless 🙂

  2. darknightwalksinsunlight

    Frankly, I really appreciate the weaving of empathy into your ruminations. From a heartfelt place, thank you for that.

  3. mystic1muse

    Good thoughts; clear and reasonable. Thanks!

  4. girlseule

    I often wonder why so many ‘religious’ people pretty much ignore the golden rule but instead focus on getting their knickers in a twist over things like gay marriage! I’m not religious but I read a bit about Buddhism and the teachings seem to me like good guidlelines for life.

    1. Frank

      Yeah, I know what you mean about ‘religious’ people. That is why I turned my back on Christianity and searched for something else that really could mean something to me.

      Thanks for the comments. Take Car.

  5. tkmlac

    “I don’t think they have gone totally away from religion. I think they are becoming closer to the spiritual side of themselves and with that process; they transform into other beliefs.”

    This is an interesting take, but I’d like to explain further what I and other atheist think about “spirituality.” The feeling of spirituality is real and not based in anything supernatural. There are chemicals in our brains that set off these processes with certain stimuli. It’s why my very religious sister is puzzled that she gets the same “spiritual” feeling when she’s at church as she does when she hears a new live version of a song from her favorite band.

    Spirituality to an atheist is a range of emotional human experiences. It’s still the awe and wonder we see at sunsets, looking at the stars or sharing our lives with other humans. Just because we can explain the processes that create those experiences doesn’t take from the experience itself.

  6. Waverider1

    Hmmmmm. I too did a LOT of ‘research’ in my so-called youth on world religions, philosophy, and belief systems. I was raised Christian (the Catholic version) — and abandoned that ‘business and corrupt structure’ before I even became an adult. Never had any interest in joining, nor even affiliating myself with, another organized religion again. But I DID ‘look into’ most, finding many nuggets of deep wisdom hidden within the folds of their ancient garments.
    So I went to the ‘cusp/crest of the wave’, like your friend Rising Hawk. Funny how he uses that mataphor (which happens to be the title, and theme, of my personal blog – hmmmm), and began to live my life much more intentionally, and consciously, as a SPIRITUAL man. Yes, the same decision you apparently made. Nice weather here in the land of the non-aligned devotees of True Perception, isn’t it? It shall prove to be an even more ‘comfortable’ place to BE very soon — and one which shall attract much more attention and inquiry. VERY soon. . . .
    You might like one of my most recent — and short — blog posts entitled ‘Zen 2013’. I’m sure the Buddha in you would approve!

    1. Frank

      Yes, I have began to live my life as a spiritual man. It is nice in this TRUE PERCEPTION alignment. Since I have my life has been happier and live my life in the moment. It is nice that I finally have my true path in life.

  7. Robyn Lee

    Very excellent journey through discovering your own personal brand of spirituality. I understand – and have travelled a similar road myself ~ a joy to read. Thank you!
    Love and Light…
    ~ Robyn Lee

    1. Frank

      I think most people like me find there own personal brand of spirituality as you put, but now since I know what path to take I have to follow my path and keep on the Journey! Thanks for reading and the comments. Take care and have a wonderful day!!!

  8. Erik Andrulis

    Hi Frank, thanks for stopping by my blog and 1 upping “Ubuntu.”

    Thought I would drop by here and do the same.

    Being God, I do and don’t help Myself. Further, I believe (I am Believer), I don’t believe (I am the Atheist), and I am not sure whether or not to believe (I am Agnostic) in Myself. Could be no other way.

    Peace on Earth, Ik

  9. Hari Qhuang

    Things are sometimes too white or two black for me, even though I have always been taught that the world is filled with the shades of grey.
    I admire those who are able to start their spiritual journeys. I hope that one day I will be motivated enough to start my own search for enlightenment. 😀

    1. Frank

      It is difficult sometimes to stay on the path but in the end it would be worth it.

  10. Tapman

    Love your quote – I may borrow it for my blog sometime. I think I am on a journey similar to yours. I believe in Jesus and what he has done but I see what he has done as applicable for all of humanity, not just Christians. I am only a short way down the road and lack words to describe all of what I think and believe so I enjoyed reading your perspective. Cheers

    1. Frank

      Thanks for the comments and the follow. You can borrow the quote whenever you like. I think that I can say that all of humanity is on some kind of spiritual journey. We may be taking different paths to the same destination. Good luck in your journey.

  11. Eddie Two Hawks

    Whether we admit it or not we are all pilgrims on the path. This is an excellent post Frank.

    1. Frank

      Yes, we are. Thank you Eddie.

      1. Eddie Two Hawks

        You’re very welcome. peace to you Frank

  12. thoughtsalone

    Respect is a good thing. To really get down to the nitty gritty on religion, we have to have a common understanding of terms. That really seems to be missing today and drives people away from belief systems that freely use catalytic terms like God. In the end, it’s all a matter of faith. Buddhism offers no clearer explanation of ultimate truth than the Abrahamic religions, which in turn are no clearer than the thousand faces of God that Hinduism professes. Atheism is inherently unscientific and faith based, because there can be no proof for a non-entity. These are just a few of the more common systems one hears about often. I don’t know ultimate truth or if there is such a thing as true enlightenment (although stories about people like Jesus, Buddha, and Confucius imply there is). But a semblance of serenity can certainly be obtained by making peace with yourself and your beliefs. I have faith in my beliefs but couldn’t fully explain them if I tried. Inner peace is an inherently personal quest we each must undertake within our own hearts. Good luck on your journey. Be happy.

    1. Frank

      Thank you for reading and for the comments.

    2. tkmlac

      “Atheism is inherently unscientific and faith based, because there can be no proof for a non-entity.”

      Atheists don’t try or need to prove God doesn’t exist, all they have to do is refute the claims theists make about how God interacts with the world. If a theist says, “God exists,” they are making a positive claim. For such an extraordinary claim, there needs to be evidence. If the theist provides arguments and evidence that can be refuted, the atheists isn’t saying, “There is no god,” they are saying, “That argument isn’t sufficient to show that God exists.”

      There’s a small camp of atheists and philosophers who think you can prove a negative. The argument they use is “Modus Tollens.” I’m still looking into it, so I can’t explain it here, but Wikipedia has a pretty good breakdown of the logic here:

  13. thehappyhugger

    My search is still on, and I must say I like a lot about the Buddha teachings.

    1. Frank

      I think the main thing that got me interested in Buddha is that he is a living being not a mythical GOD that you have to bow down to. Take care and have a wonderful day.

  14. risinghawk

    You are more than welcome! I’m flattered!

  15. renxkyoko

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a member of an organized religion or not… what’s important is you should be a good human being.

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