Heroes for Freedom

As a marine I know that the military life is very difficult in more ways than one. It is especially difficult for a military spouse. While the head of the household is away on deployment or maneuvers for months at a time the spouse has no one to rely on for that much needed support. Thankfully they do have a community they can rely on for some support which helps a great deal. The stress on the military men, women, and families is a lot to endure.

Myself, I turned 17 in 1980 and along with thousands of others signed a contract to give our life for our country. I am no hero and if you ask any military man or woman they will probably say the same. We fight for freedom so that you don’t have to. Personally, I was never in a war so I don’t have the first-hand experience.

Now that I am out of the military I can truly say that the men and women that put their selves in harm’s way so that you and I can be free are the true Heroes of this world. They literally put their life on the line for a cause—FREEDOM.

I would like to say thank you and commemorate this page to all those families that have lost a loved one serving their country.  May all those families have solace in knowing that their loss was not for nothing.


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